julio 8, 2019

Local organizing committee

  • Francisco Belmonte, University of Murcia
  • Gustavo Ballesteros, University of Murcia
  • Katia Hueso, Pontifical University Madrid / IPAISAL
  • Association La Carraca (NGO exhibit)
  • Biocyma (Secretariat)

The private company Biocyma S.L., with experience organizing events and experts in saline ecosystems. Tasks of the secretariat:

  • Catering / restaurant / coffee breaks
  • Reception of participants
  • Documentation for participants and merchandising
  • Visit to the city
  • Mid-conference & post-conference trips
  • Registration
  • Communication
  • Web site / social media
  • Proceedings

The Secretariat will be aided by volunteers (students, will obtain credits) during the conference.